Sheila M. Lin is an actress, improv performer/ teacher, voice talent, poet, and advocate for creativity. Her enthusiastic outlook has earned her multiple performing opportunities in theater, voice-over, and improv. She is an ensemble member of the Liberty Villains at the Improv Playhouse and is the creator of the indie team Random Fandom. She graduated from the triforce of improv (Second City, iO Chicago, and the Annoyance Theater).

When she is not on stage, Sheila is a working voice actor. Some of her clients include American Red Cross, Kmart, NesCafe, Hasbro Europe, iO Chicago, Empire Today, LLC, Fun Station for Kids, and Seraphim Entertainment. She co-panels multiple voice acting events at Columbia College Chicago and Anime Central, the largest anime convention in the Midwest. With a passion for organization, presentation, and public speaking, she has led many workshops and provided peer coaching to help talented writers, voice talent, improvisers, and speech teams to up their game.

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