I perform weekly all across the Chicagoland area.


Trained to teach adults and kids short and long form improv.


Need someone to coach your improv team? Look no further!

2014_02_23_Improvised DBZ_First Show_Shithole (before we decided matching t-shirts would be awesome)

My Improv History

A graduate from the tri-force of improv: Second City, iO Chicago, and the Annoyance. Currently on the Improv Playhouse house team and touring company in Libertyville, IL as well as the creator of the indie team Random Fandom. I also play with an all female team called Labia Majora. In addition to performing locally, I have performed in front of packed houses at the Grand Rapids Improv Festival, the Green Bay Improv Festival, and the Detroit Improv Festival. Previous teams include Socrates Soccer Tees at the Comedy Clubhouse, Improvised Dragon Ball Z, and She Bangs. 


Why Learn Improv?

  1. When applying for a job, improv training will show employers that you not only value self-improvement but will also be able to handle sudden changes.
  2. It also works on a talent résumé, showing you will be able to adapt better than other actors.
  3. Improv is therapeutic. It has been known to help people who suffer from anxiety.  
  4. It is loads of fun!