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Our Approach

You can see an improv show and you can BE the improv show! Starting with a small workshop, learn improv techniques and then show them off in the same now family friendly panel. A great opportunity for anyone interested in improv, whether you are master or a new trainer!

Meet the Team

A group of nerds and improvisers got together and made a panel fun for the whole convention! Want us to come to your local convention? Let us know! Email

Firas Alexander

Firas Alexander

Coach Eevee

 "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."


Sheila M. Lin

Co-Founder & Coach Bulbasaur

"3 prawns are hardly a galaxy!"

Laura Haney

Laura Haney

Coach Mew

"Hey guys, do you ever feel ennui?"


Rochelle Pinon

Co-Founder & Trainer Host

"If nobody comes up with a better idea then the bad idea wins!" 

Sarah Goldenberg

Sarah Goldenberg

Coach Pikachu

"My Greatest Dream is a World Without Juice."


James Rickel

Coach Squirtle

 "Never deescalate, always escalate!"