Random Fandom is a nerd-based, long-form improv show motivated by different fandoms. We start each show by asking the audience for a suggestion of an emotion and then a member will step out, using whichever emotion as inspiration to talk about one of their favorite games, shows, books, etc. From there, the team tackles the stage with a combo of long and quick-edit scenes, never looking back. If at any point an improviser is inspired they will come out and give another monologue about another fandom or life experience as a nerd. Our shows are face-paced, fun, and nerdy to the max!

The nerds of Random Fandom have geeked out on the stages of various venues including: The Annoyance Theater, the Playground Theater, the Laser Comedy Show, Comedy Clubhouse, Clever Comedy Hour, the Shithole, Lilly’s Bar, and two sold out shows in the de Maat Studio Theater at the Second City TC. In addition, we’ve repeatedly taught improv workshops and performed at Anime Central, the 3rd largest anime convention in the country. 

Random Fandom in Illinois

Indie Team

Just a bunch of nerds who perform improv based around different fandoms. From anime to comic books, we love our Random Fandoms!

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